We are happy to announce that the LMU Clinical Case Discussion group is looking for applicants for this year's in-person International Case Discussion Summer School (ICDSS), which will take place from October 4th to October 17th, 2021 in Munich!

ICDSS is a two week collaborative event hosted by the LMU and TU, where students have the opportunity to discuss medical cases (in English) published in the New England Journal of Medicine. After a patient’s chief complaint and history of present illness are presented, students will discuss next clinical steps and hypothesize differential diagnoses, working together with international medical students to solve challenging medical cases. It is a fantastic opportunity to improve clinical reasoning skills, enhance your medical knowledge, and to learn from absolute experts of their medical fields.

This year, we are honored to host three guest professors from the United States (Washington University in St. Louis, Cornell University, and the University of North Texas) as well as one professor from Japan (Nagoya University). Additionally, physicians from the LMU and TU will help guide discussions and give clinical input.

Case discussions will run from Monday to Friday with one morning and one afternoon session. In order to apply, please send us your CV and a short letter of motivation (no longer than a page) to ccd@med.uni-muenchen.de by August 11th, 2021. Availability during both weeks will be a requirement for participation. As we are also looking for volunteers to host international medical students over the two weeks, please let us know if this is a possibility for you. This will not affect application chances, it is only for us to help better plan the event.

ICDSS is a great opportunity to meet new faces from an international medical community, so we hope to see your application!
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at ccd@med.uni-muenchen.de.