Global Nutrition

Global Nutrition

Why do countless people still live in hunger and suffer from malnutrition, while at the same time more and more children and teenagers worldwide are facing health difficulties due to being overweight or obese? How can we ensure a healthy diet for everyone – despite climate change and difficult political conditions? What role do social and cultural aspects play in food consumption? And: what are we doing worldwide to combat malnutrition and what is being done at the local/community level?

This course aims to find answers to these challenging questions. It introduces current global nutrition problems that affect the health and livelihood of populations both in low- and high-income settings. In addition, the local and global dimensions of malnutrition (over- and undernutrition) are highlighted and discussed. It also examines different approaches implemented at the household, community, national and global level to improve nutritional status.



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Global Nutrition

  • von 14.04.2023 10:00 bis 28.04.2023 16:00
  • Location: online via Zoom