JU-LMU Exchange 2022

Digital JU-LMU Exchange 2022

This years digital JU-LMU Exchange took place from January until April. There were 12 meetings, each with a different topic about "Diseases in a globalized world", for example planetary health or Covid-19. Each meeting consisted of a short case presentation from two students, followed by a discussion with an invited expert. In the schedule, you can see in detail which expert was invited for which topic.


Thoughts from the last meeting

Personal JU-LMU Exchange 2022

We are so happy to announce that the first post-pandemic personal JU-LMU Exchange did take place! Eight students from Jimma University visited Munich from April 25th to June 25th 2022. In the hospital, they attached gynecology/obstetrics and orthopedics/traumatology. On Fridays, they visited other departments, such as neurosurgery or ENT. After weekly preparation meetings, eight students from LMU did in exchange visit the Jimma University Medical Center to attach gynecology/pediatrics for Modul 5 from June 17th to July 17th 2022. One student did a part of her surgical internship (PJ) in Jimma from June 26th to August 19th 2022. Their reports can be downloaded below.


Report from the JU students (english)

Student Exchange Report_JU Students.pdf (37,5 KiB)

Report from the LMU students (german)

Gruppenbericht Jimma_Gen6.pdf (1,5 MiB)

Report from the surgical internship (german)

Bericht PJ Äthiopien.pdf (579,9 KiB)