JU-LMU Exchange 2022

Digital JU-LMU Exchange 2022

This years digital JU-LMU Exchange took place from January until April. There were 12 meetings, each with a different topic about "Diseases in a globalized world", for example planetary health or Covid-19. Each meeting consisted of a short case presentation from two students, followed by a discussion with an invited expert. In the schedule, you can see in detail which expert was invited for which topic.


Thoughts from the last meeting

Personal JU-LMU Exchange 2022

We are so happy to announce that the first post-pandemic personal JU-LMU Exchange is currently taking place! Eight students from Jimma University are currently in Munich and will stay until June 25th. Eight students from LMU will in exchange visit the Jimma University Medical Center to attach gynecology/pediatrics for Modul 5 or surgery for their internship (PJ). We are now in the process of preparing their stay in Jimma in weekly meetings.